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Elegant was established 2013 in Alexandria / Egypt and started in the sourcing field.

* After Short period we entered the career of agencies and consulting as our team is a mixture of young & dynamic, as well as experienced persons in textile field.

* ETE provides high quality service and end to end solutions with a high level of technical competency. The main objective of the company is customer satisfaction by continuously investing in its customers.

* ETE is the only agency in Egypt working with the concept of deep investigation for customer claims by viewing each customer as an individual case, with its own history and vision, infrastructure, products and manufacturing set-up. We tailor our assistance to the precise and varying needs of each client .

* Dedicated solely to the textile, clothing and fashion world, we have an unrivalled advantage in bringing world class service .

* Many are the challenges ahead, but we feel very positive about the future. Admittedly the playing field will be more global and based on ever more open competition. But it will be a market in which companies capable of leading and innovating in their technology, in their business models and strategic approach will be able to secure a profitable future.


About Us

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Customer service plays an important role. The work of the technical team is aimed to optimize their work by achieving the highest possible levels of quality and quantity performance from the acquired.






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